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Parenting a Teen that loves TikTok

TikTok- social media meets all sensory creativity to the max.

This platform allows for teen self- expression as it is home for the loud, proud, wild, silly and weird.

On this video sharing application teens can post videos and use an array of music and "Snapchat-style" filters, which can morph images and create other intriguing visual effects.

Notable features- (1) Teens with small followings could "go virtual" aka their video has a quick increase in views/popularity. (2) Teens could be exposed to content they wouldn't necessarily follow.

⁉️ With this being said, many parents are left with questions⁉️

✔Is this an outlet for coping or perpetuating an online addiction?

✔Is my kid being exposed to inappropriate content or just building stronger connections with other kids?

Many parents/caregivers have these concerns.

Want to explore the purpose of TikTok and help your teen learn a variety of coping strategies? Email me at:

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