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Coping while in a Winter Lockdown

As we head into winter ❄ and a second lockdown 🔐, here are some coping tips for you and your family to consider:

1. Rely on experience- this is round two and we have more of an idea about what to expect.

2. Make the mundane special- add small acts of variety to daily tasks- liven it up!

3. Punctuate your day- connect with the outside world and/or a person outside of your family.

4. Monitor your news intake- very easy to check the news too frequently which can lead to anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, sleep concerns, etc.

5. Brave the weather- "There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes."

6. Get support- not everyone feels like we are all in this together- especially kids. Children and teens need help processing their emotions in healthy ways- counselling can help.

Reach out for help

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